Corporate Exit Strategist

I help women who are either ready to break free of the golden handcuffs or retiring from corporate to step into their Entrepreneurial Rising and start the business of their dreams, all while reclaiming their health that may have been compromised while building their corporate careers.
Not everyone who leaves corporate is ready for life thereafter. You may not be ready for a retirement lifestyle, but you are lost to what is next, feeling you will lose your identity. And if your health has suffered while you prioritized your career, you’re afraid of the quality of life that is ahead for you.

Is this You?

  • You would love to start a business, but you are still working at your corporate job and don’t know how you will be able to do it all?
  • You’ve enjoyed a great career in corporate and you’re proud of your accomplishments, and now it’s time to close that chapter, but you don’t know what’s next? How do you choose?
  • You’ve let your health slide, but now you’re ready to reclaim optimal wellness and live a vivacious life?
  • You have the entrepreneur vision, but you don’t know how to execute on a transition plan leading to your final rise as you exit corporate?
I am here to help you create your life after corporate, one that is true to your passions and the identity you envision for yourself.

Let me walk with you on the lifestyle journey to entrepreneurship where you design the business that fans the flames on a life of passion, purpose, optimal wellness and joy, as well as the freedom to live on your own terms.

Design Your Entrepreneurial Rising with The LaRoche Method

For a transformation this important, I will take you through a four-pillar process that will enable you to embody this new life!

Learn to weave the threads necessary for whole-life integration

Dive into the depths of your soul to mine for that profitable passion, one that will allow you to live that vivacious life of your dreams

Tools needed to emerge from the murky waters to physical and emotional wellness
Rise lady, rise, as you craft your exit strategy from corporate to life as a successful entrepreneur

Holistic Approach

I help you not only with the tactics of building a business, but I apply a holistic approach to elevating and supporting the WHOLE you on this lifestyle journey.

  • Mindset shifting from beliefs that limit you to those that put the power in your hands
  • Strategies for creating work/life harmony
  • Wellness support (fitness, nutrition, emotional)
  • Helping you build your social support network
  • Life visioning for life after corporate
  • Help you embody the symbolism of the four elements (earth, fire, air, water) to empower you

Work with me if ...

  • You’ve come to the end of your contract with corporate but you have a passion to build a service-based business that earns you a great living while you fulfill a new sense of purpose in your life
  • You want to reclaim your wellness so that you can fully enjoy this phase of your life
  • You want to work less and enjoy your life more, doing what is most important to you

While you build your new business, things will come up that you’re going to need help with. Things like:

  • Help navigating through challenges you face as you transition from corporate to entrepreneurship
  • Business start-up 101, including contracts and agreements, sales and copywriting, building your social media presence, email campaigns, just to name a few
  • Support reinforcing the hope that you can be a successful entrepreneur with confidence, and that your path to entrepreneurship is inevitable with the right plan and mindset
  • Strategies for financial, emotional, and physical success as well as prioritizing your mental health

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It’s time for your entrepreneurial rising!


Melissa C. Melissa C.

“I have had the privilege of being coached by Lynnette LaRoche. I am a huge proponent of coaching and have seen the tremendous value in finding the right fit for me and my life, and the impact it has had in every area of my life. However, finding a coach who is skilled and naturally has the ability to discern and identify your personality type, styles, quirks, strengths, etc. is challenging. But I found all of this in Lynnette. Lynnette LaRoche is truly one of the very best coaches that I have worked with over the past 30+ years!”

R.R. R.R.

“So important to have the proper guidance when making a’s huge actually!! Your background and leadership will absolutely be instrumental in helping those on this path.”

Roxani O. Roxani O.

“Lynnette LaRoche an Amazing MENTOR. By Joining Lynnette and expanding your network you could only benefit from this. I am joining her Facebook Group, Working my Passion, Improving myself. I am not knowing all but at least I know to turn to the Experts to Show us the way. The World is open, you only need to open your arms to smile and respect the people around you.”

    I am that someone you can trust to be your compass as you navigate your way to entrepreneurship, to a life that frees you to live on your own terms.

    Book a strategy call with me today so that we can map out your entrepreneurial rising.

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